Buyan Lake Camping Ground – Bali Travel/Landscape Photographer

I went camping with my classmates and teacher last weekend. We’ve been studying French together for a little while and the boys, mostly, would like to do this camping activity once we finished the test of Niveau 3. My teacher, Monsieur Putu, happens to love traveling and camping in this matter and he was the one guide we counted on. Actually we counted on him for almost everything since he was the one preparing the portable gas stove, frying pan, bread for breakfast, instant noodle etc. and he was also the one dealing with the camping ground management. These were some shots I took when I was there by Danau Buyan (Buyan Lake), Baturiti, Bali.

It is also a good spot for fishing.

Our tents were behind me as I shot this. This little watery space is where some people drop off boat passengers.

It is beautiful as the sun is going sideways, either almost sunset or after sunrise. The light illuminating the water and the trees is just amazing.

However, I spent too much time sunbathing (though it was cold there, but when the sun was shining, it’d burn). A lesson learned is that I need to pack a sunscreen with me the next time I ever go camping again.