Little Max, 2 Years Old – Surabaya Children Photographer

I was truly honoured when my best friend, Rina, asked me to photograph her little boy, Maximilliano Malik Ridwansyah – or shortly called Max – in December 2011. I photographed Rina’s wedding 2.5 years ago but I never got around to posting the pictures on this blog (I know, guilty as charged). And when I did want to do it, the session with her fast-growing baby already took place! Nevertheless, it was really a fine day… the time I spent with this beautiful family. I got to see how Max had turned from a helpless baby to the I’m-the-boss kind-of little guy. Most of the toddlers I take picture of are girls. And girls are in a way calmer. But not with Max. He’d just run here and there, sometimes in a circle, leaving me (the photographer) and Win (his father + bodyguard) breathless. No wonder Rina and Win have become so thin now!😀

Anyway, meet Max – one of the most adorable boys I’ve ever seen.

ImageImageImageImageSee you soon, Little Max. Pretty sure the next time I see you again, you won’t be that little anymore.

Princess Michelle, 6 years old, Surabaya Children Photographer

If I came back to Surabaya and Michelle did not ask me to take photos of her, I would be surprised. This time was no different. She kept nagging and nagging and nagging me until I took my camera and had this photo session with her. She was lucky she was cute!

She said she wanted to be like the Sleeping Beauty so I asked her to pretend to sleep. It was really hard the first five minutes because she kept giggling even when her eyes were closed. But I am telling you, this kid is a great model to be. I told her to stop laughing and get serious. And see what she did.

Look how expressive she was.

And such a little princess she is....

Shierly and Iki Kondo – Surabaya Family Photographer

Shierly has been my model for a very long time. A very good friend of mine, we used to be inseparable in the past. She now lives in Tokyo with her only son, Iki, and hubby Hiro until he is assigned in another country. Last week she happened to be in Surabaya for the weddings of our mutual friends. So we took some time during our “busy” schedule to do a photo session. Here are the sneak peeks.

Iki is normally a shy little guy. But in this photoshoot he was so cooperative, thanks to the excessive amount of chocolate fed to him before. LOL

Isn't he sweet???

Iki and Shierly Kondo

With a balloon

Can you believe that she is thirty?

And do I have to state that she is thirty?

It is by all means a compliment.


It was so fun to photograph this pair of mother and son. After hearing that Iki kisses like his father, why wouldn't any one think it was fun? I enjoyed every moment spent with you two, Shierly and Iki! Until next time!

Almost Sitting Malena – Bali Children Photographer

It is crazy how quickly babies/children grow. Last year I was still wondering how she would look like when she was still in Mother Inga’s womb. And just 6 months ago I saw Malena Soleil Scarpello for the first time after she was born and she was still so tiny with lots of cute baby wrinkles and already expressive eyes. But last week when I visited her again, I was amazed at how fast she has grown! I mean look at her smile and her cute comical blond hair, if they do not melt you right away, there is obviously something wrong with you.🙂 Anyway, these are the newest shots of my dearest loveliest baby niece.

With her ever so gorgeous mother, Inga.

Malena, almost sitting.

With her second mother (nanny), Putu. The photo on the left did not experience major editing. It was a result of Malena's toy I put in front of my lens when shooting her.


I was warned by Melody’s mom that the 5-year-old was not so easy to take picture of. Ody – Melody’s nickname – is camera-shy, her mother says. I am not sure whether I have to agree with it or not. It was not the hardest photoshoot I’ve ever had but it wasn’t too easy either. Ody is by far one of the most beautiful toddlers I’ve ever shot but yet also one of the most reluctant to face the camera – at least by what she said hundreds of time every time I pointed my lens at her. But strangely even when she was saying, “DON’T TAKE PHOTOS OF ME,” she smiled or laughed when I pressed my shutter button. So that doesn’t fit the camera-shy theory.😛

Below are the sneak peeks.

Melody is pink-crazed. She thinks everything in pink is beautiful and other colours are ugly. Look, even her mother is influenced by her taste, proven by the flipflops they wear.

Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.

Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.

Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.

Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.

Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.

Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.

Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.




Melody at the "Up and Down" playground.

And here is Sisca, Ody's mom.🙂

Birthday Party – One-year-old Trafford

Trafford or Tre was a happy one-year old boy on the 10th of December this year. His parents held a birthday party on the 13th inviting close relatives and friends. The theme was Mickey Mouse and friends as Tre would have liked and the food was delicious. There were more adults than kids but the small number of kids were having fun anyway with 100 balloons and the clown (without make up). Here are some sneak peeks.

Small adorable tasty cupcakes that attracted the little guests.

The happy birthday boy. Balloons are really a good idea as a highlight in children's parties.

Part of the Mickey stage and the cupcake.

The guests

Left: Tre getting to know Mickey Mouse better; Right: Tre trying out the motorbike toy he got as one of the presents.

The tiny clown juggling tiny balls

Daddy and Mummy helped Tre blow his candle.

Cakecutting procession. Sort of.

Malena Soleil Scarpello

This cute little baby finally decided to come out on the 26th of October, 2009. Her arrival definitely brought a joy that her parents could not describe in words. But their love shows every time they look in her eyes, hold her hands and kiss her lips.

Congratulations for the beautiful baby girl!

The sleeping child

The sleeping child

Malena Soleil

A small little girl with small little hands and feet, in a big world.

You know where she's got her beauty from.

Malena and Mummy Inga

Malena and Granny Elisabet

Already familiarized with paparazis since day 1.

Fun time with Daddy

Fun time with Daddy

Small happy family. What can one expect more?