Angel and Tony – Bali Wedding Photographer

17 April 2012 was a very special day for Angel and Tony, two lovebirds who tied the knot at Villa Canderi, Canggu Bali that noon. Angel looked absolutely stunning with her blue kebaya, decorated pink nails and white bouquet; while Tony was all happy and smiley during the short one-hour ceremony in his cheerful pink striped shirt. There were no other guests invited, except two witnesses, a Christian priest and a lady from the state civil institution (well, and me as the photographer). None of us they really knew before. That made it the most low-profile, straightforward, simple wedding I’ve ever attended. Close to my own dream wedding, except that I would like to do it on top of a hill or at some secluded beach.

One thing about a private wedding like this is there’s absolutely no stress. No fuss about the flower arrangement, the type of glasses used, the food, the cake, the bridesmaid dresses or any other factors that can turn a supposedly-happy-once-in-a-lifetime moment into a disaster. No bridezilla crying just hours before declaring her vows or threatening to cancel the wedding because the flowers were not yellow. Both Angel and Tony looked perfectly calm and happy, they smiled, and they cracked jokes almost all the time I spent with them.

The two ceremonies (religious and civil ceremonies) themselves took roughly about over half an hour. It was 1 o’clock and the heat was mean especially to the groom. The deal I made was to photograph the ceremony only, but I felt like giving more. So I took them to Batu Bolong beach, about 5 minutes from the venue, and had a short post-wedding session. I delivered the photos the next day because they had to leave for Medan (Angel’s hometown) only the day after. And this is what Tony had to say:

Hi Carla

Just letting you know that Angel and I are really happy with the photos. Thanx so much for making it an enjoyable experience.

Well, the pleasure is mine, Tony. It was one of the nicest weddings I’ve ever handled.


Nadya and Jean-Luc – Bali Wedding Photographer

February must be the month of love. Or the celebration of love. Valentine is one that everybody knows about, but this February seemed to have more weddings than usual. At least to me. After the prewedding session with Winda and Jim, I was then asked to shoot the wedding ceremony of Nadya and Jean-Luc on the 29th of February.

I don’t do that many wedding photography assignments, especially the large scale one. But I’m very comfortable doing a smaller, more private wedding photography. Like the one Nadya and Jean-Luc had at one of the most beautiful villas in Bali – Pondok Linayan in Nusa Dua. I made the photos of this gorgeous villa a couple of years ago when it was just freshly built (I still need to blog that one too). The owners, who are good friends of ours, thought I could help shoot this wedding, too.

So it was super lovely. The wedding was a cross cultural event between Bali and France. The beautiful bride and groom are both French, all the guests are French (dressed in traditional Balinese costumes), the ceremony was done completely in Balinese Hindu way, there was a group of little Balinese dancers who entertained the guests with their graceful moves and the last bit: opening champagne and enjoying yummy finger foods like saucissons, etc. was definitely a French culture. Totally interesting. With the magnificent view of Nusa Dua hill overlooking the vast sea, it couldn’t have been any more perfect. Well, without further ado, here are the photos.

And some more below…


Berry Hotel Bali – Bali Villa and Hotel Photographer

I did this project last year (and just blogged it now, my apologies). At the time I was asked to copywrite the website of Berry Hotel when it was still in the construction stage. As time went by, they’d need a photographer to shoot their hotel so that sound advertisements could be conducted right away. I had this opportunity to take the Berry Hotel’s initial photos. There are some new photos on the website so I wouldn’t claim all were mine, but here are some hints of the work I did.

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Winda and Jim – Bali Prewedding Photographer

On Monday, I got a sudden call from Winda, a lovely, outgoing woman who was excited to get married to Jim, a nice Bandung-born American man. She asked me if I could do a prewedding session for them so that they could pick one photo to be blown up and displayed at the entrance of their wedding venue this very Sunday. They already had done their prewedding photoshoot before but they wanted to display a photo with their real wedding dress and suit (the previous one they were wearing traditional Balinese wedding outfit that they won’t actually wear at the actual wedding).

It was a quick call that I had to make but I was up for it. So the next morning we went to Uluwatu (Suluban beach to be exact) and had this great, fun prewedding session. Check out the photos below.

Winda and Jim were such a great couple to work with and they’d do adventurous stuff to get a great photo. Like the one below.

And here are some more.

It was an absolut delight to photograph Winda and Jim. Congratulations on your wedding, guys!

Little Max, 2 Years Old – Surabaya Children Photographer

I was truly honoured when my best friend, Rina, asked me to photograph her little boy, Maximilliano Malik Ridwansyah – or shortly called Max – in December 2011. I photographed Rina’s wedding 2.5 years ago but I never got around to posting the pictures on this blog (I know, guilty as charged). And when I did want to do it, the session with her fast-growing baby already took place! Nevertheless, it was really a fine day… the time I spent with this beautiful family. I got to see how Max had turned from a helpless baby to the I’m-the-boss kind-of little guy. Most of the toddlers I take picture of are girls. And girls are in a way calmer. But not with Max. He’d just run here and there, sometimes in a circle, leaving me (the photographer) and Win (his father + bodyguard) breathless. No wonder Rina and Win have become so thin now!😀

Anyway, meet Max – one of the most adorable boys I’ve ever seen.

ImageImageImageImageSee you soon, Little Max. Pretty sure the next time I see you again, you won’t be that little anymore.

Madame Mina – Bali Portrait Photographer

Madame Mina had never had her photos professionally and properly taken. This hardworking mother of three recently thought she should award herself with one photo session. And so I took her to Echo beach in Canggu, Bali to have the photo session. A lot of people do not know that through photos they can actually get many advantages; one of which being a boost of self confidence. There will be the time when they see the result of their photos, see how beautiful they can be, and start appreciating and respecting themselves even more. This point of thought goes a long way…. positively.

I hope she is happy with this sneakpeek.


Princess Michelle, 6 years old, Surabaya Children Photographer

If I came back to Surabaya and Michelle did not ask me to take photos of her, I would be surprised. This time was no different. She kept nagging and nagging and nagging me until I took my camera and had this photo session with her. She was lucky she was cute!

She said she wanted to be like the Sleeping Beauty so I asked her to pretend to sleep. It was really hard the first five minutes because she kept giggling even when her eyes were closed. But I am telling you, this kid is a great model to be. I told her to stop laughing and get serious. And see what she did.

Look how expressive she was.

And such a little princess she is....