Komang Sumiati


Komang, whose French boss calls her Koko (I am guessing so that it sounds more artistically Frenchy like Coco Chanel hihi), is my classmate at Alliance Francaise. She is originally a Balinese but married to a Javanese lad. The sweet 30-year old woman enjoys posing for me and for herself and we had such a good time at the villa belonging to her Indo Dutch friend. Komang is also a good jewellery designer and hopes to be a successful one someday. Here are some of the photos.

She has got a perfect tropical skin colour.
And taste on colours and fashion.
Komang Sumiati
Komang Sumiati
Looks sweet even in such a simple photo like this
And this one is my favourite of all. The colour of the water in the background suits her personality and look.
Also a favourite
Worth displaying in a magazine
Komang and her gypsy style.

Her husband is definitely such a lucky guy.

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