Birthday Party – One-year-old Trafford

Trafford or Tre was a happy one-year old boy on the 10th of December this year. His parents held a birthday party on the 13th inviting close relatives and friends. The theme was Mickey Mouse and friends as Tre would have liked and the food was delicious. There were more adults than kids but the small number of kids were having fun anyway with 100 balloons and the clown (without make up). Here are some sneak peeks.

Small adorable tasty cupcakes that attracted the little guests.

The happy birthday boy. Balloons are really a good idea as a highlight in children's parties.

Part of the Mickey stage and the cupcake.

The guests

Left: Tre getting to know Mickey Mouse better; Right: Tre trying out the motorbike toy he got as one of the presents.

The tiny clown juggling tiny balls

Daddy and Mummy helped Tre blow his candle.

Cakecutting procession. Sort of.

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